Welcome to A Gypsy at Heart! A place created for you to dream yourself away to gorgeous places around the world and to explore intriguing questions and topics centered around Travel, Culture, and Wholeness.

This blog exists for you to feel inspired and elevated whenever you stop by on this humble online-abode. Thanks for your time and trust, and enjoy.

About Maria Elena, creator of this blog:

Wanna know some official stuff about Maria Elena?

Well, her diploma says she´s a Cultural Scientist (M.A.), who graduated with a thesis on humor. Other certificates state she´s a Bali-trained Yoga teacher, Wellness trainer, and TEFL-teacher. She is also a journalist and writer with over 15 years work experience. Check out her portfolio here, or take a peek into her German novel or her Spanish-language-learning e-book.

Some of her work-highlights as a writer include an internship at National Geographic as well as extensive travel expert contributions to Google´s Area 100 travel project Touring Bird.

Still curious?

Maria Elena is REALLY into traveling and learning, which is why she has traveled to 30 countries so far, and has lived in Australia, Indonesia, Spain, and Germany. Some of her travel highlights include working as a cameleer in Shark Bay, Western Australia, picking blueberries in the Swedish forest, witnessing the dancing dervishes in Istanbul and climbing a volcano in Bali.

Maria Elena also went on a quest for deeper meaning and answers to life´s burning questions and was lucky to learn from some amazing teachers and healers from around the globe.

Her studies have been ongoing for the last 20 years and include:

Advaita Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, and Meditation with Sky Akasha and Shri Swami Vagishanandaji in Bali and Sweden; Healing through Touch and Reiki with Craig Wrest in Bunbury/ Western Australia; Qi Gong with Master Alex Lim in Perth; Intuitive Guidance and Listening with Intuitive Michael André Ford, USA; Energy Healing with Nicolas Duportal in Fremantle and Bali; Classical Astrology with Michael Allgeier at Astro-Kolleg in Germany.

In her spare time, Maria Elena loves to read, meditate, create art, do Yoga, sing, eat chocolate, dance, hang out in nature and spend time around animals and loving people who are committed to their own healing journey.

Über A Gypsy at Heart:

A Gypsy at Heart wird, liebe Leserin und lieber Leser, hoffentlich: Dein Herz anrühren beziehungsweise berühren, Inspiration schenken und neue Denkanstösse sowie Perspektiven auf bestimmte Themenbereiche des Lebens vermitteln.

About die Autorin –

Abenteuerlustige Schreiberin und Autorin, Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Yogini und Yogalehrerin, Sprachlehrerin, begeisterte Tänzerin, Kunst- und Reiseliebhaberin.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow Maria Elena. You certainly fit the gypsy mold and have followed many diverse paths. Hugs and stuff. Brad

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  2. So, Maria Elena is your name. Is that what I should call you? OR, do you prefer Gypsy?
    I was already following from myGraffiti blog, and now I’m following from Art Gowns.
    Take care!

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  3. Hello Maria Elena, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I happened upon your blog from another blog I’ve followed for quite some time and I’m so glad it led me here. You and your blog are fascinating. BTW loved the Guy Sebastian song “Choir” had to add it to my playlist–thank you!! ~Steph

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    • Hello Stephanae, oh what a lovely comment and introduction! It´s a pleasure to meet you as well, you have given me a big smile with your sweet appearance and compliments here:) Thanks so much! And so happy to hear you enjoyed “Choir” – it´s currently one of my favorites songs for sure. Will stop by your blog soon lovely! And looking forward tol connecting more, Maria Elena

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  4. Hello Maria Elena,

    Greetings! I wonder whether you know that your name is also a song, a version of which I have chosen for you as follows:

    Happy July to you soon!

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    • Hello dear SoundEagle,

      oh wow, that is such an incredibly sweet gesture, thank you SO much!!:)) Wonderful song you picked there, thank you!! I feel humbled. I am gonna check out your page later, really intrigued:)

      Happy July to you, too!

      Liked by 1 person

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