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Time for fun and peace: Gypsy language classes and meditations

Hello dear friends and readers from around this whirlwind-globe!

How is everything in your world? Or, may I say, our world?

I feel that the private and the collective are flowing more together, are impacting each other more than ever before this year in a way. And I feel strongly that what the world needs now…. cue song…is love sweet love!

So, following a mission of contributing more wholesomeness, peaceful, and life- affirming vibes to the individual and collective, I wanted to share a few offers with you that I am currently facilitating. Please reach out to me if any of it resonates with you, I would love to hear from you.

Gypsy offering numero 1:

Want some LANGUAGE FUN in your life?

As a trilingual Cultural Scientist (M.A.) with more than seven years language teaching experience under my belt, I am stoked to be offering a limited amount of weekly language classes again – Spanish, German, and English, to be exact. My current focus is on conversational classes as well as having a FUN time together, focusing on your favorite interests, goals, and topics (think music/ art/ travel/ cooking/ or whatever else you love)! It will basically be a bit like reading a post of A Gypsy at Heart, just with loads of interaction, learning, and realtime-fun:)

–Do you feel your GERMAN needs some brushing up (might also offer introductory classes if wanted)? Let me know! I am German with a Cultural Scientist (M.A.) degree from a German university (Leuphana University Lüneburg), and plenty of German teaching experience under my belt.

–Do you love SPANISH, but need a buddy to improve your skills? Great news: I am Spanish and have had a Spanish language teaching business for years and have taught Spanish to plenty of students from 28 countries in Australia and worldwide. You can check my business and some cool testimonials out here.

—-Do you feel your ENGLISH is getting rusty? Hit me up!I´m a trained TEFL-teacher and have lived for 5 years in Asia and Australia.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Just email me: mariaelena@agypsyatheart and we will figure something out. Feel free to share if you know anyone who could benefit from this offer.🐬💃🙃🥳

Gypsy offering numero 2:

Chilling out in Child´s pose

Some of you might know from the A Gypsy at Heart About section that I am a trained Yoga- and Wellness Teacher with 20 years of Healing studies under my belt. Yep, alright, you got me – I am a TOTAL nerd!! No kidding.

However, what´s important here is how I can be of service to YOU with all my nerdiness. I am considering offering Healing and Wellness coaching in the future – if that sounds like something you could be interested in, just send me an email ( and we can chat.

Guided meditation – More peace please

I have also created a GUIDED MEDITATION for you guys – you can find it here. It´s a simple, easy, and soothing way to get started on your meditation journey. I consider meditation and mindfulness to be absolutely essential to maintaining our cool in times like ours. And these tools work!

Meditations have a host of science-backed benefits, which include:

Better focus and concentration, lower levels of stress and anxiety, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, improved tolerance for pain, and much more!

I hope you´ll enjoy! Regarding the remote classes, I do just offer a limited amount of sessions, so get in touch and secure your spot 🙂

Much love,

Maria Elena/ A Gypsy at Heart,

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