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Ho Ho Ho, it´s a mini- Gypsy-Christmas po-st

Hello lovely readers, fellow humans, friends, 2020-survivors and future 2021-thrivers,

with Christmas around the night-corner, I felt inspired to wish you all so much love, peace, contentment, and gratitude for the festivities. While I always feel that Christmas is a very jolly thing for some and a mixed bag of bitter-sweet vibes for many others, I can´t help but feel that there is always hope on the horizon, even in 2020. There are always many things to be grateful for, lovely (Christmas)-treats to be devoured, nostalgic songs to be listened to, and beautiful memories to be remembered as well as new ones to be created.

Thank you so much for your readership, friendship, and loyalty. Two new posts for 2021 are finally in the works: a travel post with a very Venusian take on Bella Roma, as well as an interview with a fantastic Angel Intuitive and Healer. The latter will be a part of an interview series with Holistic Healers and Practitioners that I plan on creating in 2021, and that I hope will spread some much-needed optimism and inspiration:)

I wish you all things comforting and soul-nourishing for this Christmas, and a great start to the brand-new 2021!

Much love from Spain,

your Gypsy mate

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