Oh sole mio, o dolce vita, o dolce far niente…piu bella cosa non c’e! If Italy wasn’t a country, it would have to be a song. Or an incredibly mouthwatering five -course-meal (of course including at least one pasta and one pizza dish, and one tiramisu-dessert, pretty please!). It would of course have to be served in a traditional trattoria. With an unforgettable view onto mesmerizing Roman Empire ruins and/or the glistening Mediterranean ocean. Good thing though, that Italy IS a country. And what a country it is! Think food so mindblowingly delicious that you won’t forget its taste for the rest of your life. Think beauty in all its forms. Think reverence for the past and an exquisite appreciation of the present. Think…you gotta check it out for yourself:)

Until then, pack your imaginary suitcase and virtual travel with me to one of my favorite countries ever, which I was lucky to explore for six weeks of my life so far. Six weeks that included taking part in a fabulously funky Italian language course in Rome, sharing a flat with two lovely girls from Russia called Lamara and Tamara (no kidding:)), looking for George Clooney at gorgeous Lago di Como, witnessing pope John Paul II’s presence in Vatican city, and running into a guy while visiting a church who suggested I shall take off my shoes to really feel its vibes,


Seduced by Rome: Arduous passion and entrancing beauty

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