Indonesia – Bali

Bali – some places are so distinct that even the best of words don´t come close to capturing their magic. I was fortunate enough to spend 6 months (so far hehe) on the Island of the Gods, a place that has mesmerized famous creative souls such as Charlie Chaplin, Walter Spiess or Margaret Mead, and that has become a global hotspot for people from all walks of life in the last 20 years.

Read about some of my adventures in Bali in the following stories!

Einträge auf Deutsch:

Dance,stretch, pray im Tropenparadies- Erste Eindruecke vom Leben auf der magischen indonesischen Insel gibt es im folgenden Artikel zu entdecken:

Yoga auf Bali

Bali: Tipps und Empfehlungen für einen schönen Urlaub

Bali und das Wetter: Was gehört ins Gepäck

Stories in English:

Balinese dance and music: Passion meets grace

Bali-hotspots: Charmed by Canggu

Bali adventures: Tiny turtles and a lesson in letting go

Balinese village-life: Exploring soulful Lothunduh

Ubuds artistic hotspots


3 thoughts on “Indonesia – Bali

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  2. Dear Maria Elena,

    It is obvious that you have a deep affinity with Bali.

    Here is an essay about a visit to Bali at

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    • Dear SoundEagle,

      thanks so much for your wonderful visit! Yes, you are absolutely right about my connection with Bali:) Looking forward to reading your essay! Thanks and have a fantastic day:)

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