the longest journey

Hi dear ones, today the extraordinary Lonely Author himself gifted me with this incredible mention on his beautiful web-place of love, poetry, and support for the feminine. I feel really humbled and thought I´d try my first reblog to share this with you beautiful souls. Please check out the Lonely Author´s amazing online abode, it´s truly a place and refuge of love and kindness on the web:) Have a gorgeous day everyone, and stay tuned, as I have a little surprise up my travel sleeve for you coming soon!

The Lonely Author

There’s more to life than being a passenger.” – Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer, author, visiting faculty member at Perdue University, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Prior to starting my Inspiring Women of WordPress series, I mentioned my dear friend Maria Elena of A Gypsy At Heart. Since today is my travel day, I wanted to introduce her once again. What can I say about a woman who has a gypsy heart and the soul of an angel? She inspires me with her beautiful journeys to far off lands. All the while, she enchants you with her sincerity and warmth. She may take you to the far corners of the Earth, but I assure you, you will never be far from her heart. Please get inspired by the brilliance of A Gypsy at Heart.

the longest journey

My three month journey…

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Entwarnung fuer Blogophiker

Von offizieller Seite wird hiermit bestaetigt, dass dieser Blog weder narzisstischter Selbstentbloessung froenen will noch Aspirationen hat, das Ego der Schreiberin explodieren zu lassen.

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