Guest Post: A love story – Western Australia’s top spots

Hello my lovely fellow bloggers, friends, and readers,

cool news!! My fabulous friend Miriam from Out an´About – the best blog on Australian travel adventures ever – just published my first ever guest post on Western Australia´s top spots to visit. If you are itching for some virtual adventure AND a bit of amore and romance, this might just be up your alley! If you haven´t checked out Miriam´s blog yet, please do – it is inspirational, uplifting, and just a true treat for the soul!

Much love, and enjoy your weekend and week, wherever you may be 🙂

Your Gypsy mate

Out an' About

Australia has a massive and magnificent coastline. Though I’ve seen much of it, one of my dreams, when we can travel again, in 2021, is to drive the length of the West Australian coast. To leisurely take in the splendour of those red earth roads, wild gorges and big blue skies. The last time I was in WA I was only 19! Next year, when state borders re-open, my dream is to head off in our van and discover our homeland wonders from the top to the bottom.

In this post I’m delighted to welcome fellow traveller, wanderluster and gypsy at heart Maria Elena. Some of you may know her already and, if you don’t, you’re in for an absolute treat. Her writing, zest for life and adventurous spirit is infectious and will captivate and transport you.

Living in Spain, but with a part of her heart still in…

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33 thoughts on “Guest Post: A love story – Western Australia’s top spots

  1. Maria Elena, as always such a touching and romantic way to share your beautiful experience in WA and I really love the quotes you peppered throughout the post- love the one about needing to lose sight of the shore to find new oceans. The photos are so dreamy, the blue is incredible. I’ve never been to Australia as an adult, memories are usually long dimmed up ones from childhood and have been wanting to go with my husband for a few years now, especially Perth and Rottnest Islands. These delicious photos are surely more motivation. Thank you dear for such an uplifting post! 💕😊💕

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    • Hello gorgeous, thank you for coming along for another Australian virtual ride 🙂 So happy to hear you enjoyed the post, pictures, and quotes! The quote you mentioned suits you perfectly, with your inborn wanderlust AND love of cities by the beach 🙂 Definitely visit Perth and Rotto in the future- it IS a dream! Lived there for 4 years and it was a mindblowing experience. Incredible vastness! Super happy you liked this:) Thank you!!! Love and hugs 💕😊💕

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      • Amazing that you lived in such paradise for so long. Must have had such a positive impact on your life outlook. Were you studying or working. My brother lived in Melbourne for two years and said it was one of his most cherished experiences better than other places. I think theres also something to be said about living in the outdoors amongst nature and good weather that is so good for the spirit. It is as you say, akin to falling in love to live in a place that is so naturally inspiring! Big hugs my dear and thanks for the wonderful share.

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      • Yes lovely, living Down Under definitely changed my outlook and even my preferences in many ways! I moved there shortly after finishing uni and worked as a writer, and language, and Yoga teacher (created two small businesses there). Ah yes, I can totally relate to your brother! Melbourne is just an incredible place to live in and to visit. One of my favorite cities in the world. Thank you for your beautiful comments, and deep thoughts! 🙂 Big hugs and have a fab week with fab food over there in Malaysia 💖


  2. Maria you are awesome with your post and I loved being with you on this virtual adventure. As always you have taken us on a beautiful travel. Thanks so much and yes Miriam is fantastic with her blog too. Love to see her and her adventures too.

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  3. What a beautiful post Maria! I love your photos, and bubbly passion for Australia and travel. They give me hope that I might travel again someday. Happy adventures mate! 😍

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  4. 🤗🤗 de nada, amigo

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  5. Awesome

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  6. Gorgeous gorgeous post, beautifully written as always with your heart and no holds barred. When you’re a famous travel/soul writer one day, remember how much love your Fiery friend has in her heart for you.
    Such a great combo, you two. Your energies are warm and welcoming, inviting and send-us-off-to-dreamland-ing. I always feel there with you whenever I read both of your writings.

    Hope you’re well, omorfi Mou

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    • Omorfi mou, love the way you are painting written art pieces with such love-and-hope-filled words and sentiments. Sigh, thank you so much for this gorgeous comment! Your heart is beautiful! Thank you, efcharisto, y gracias. Humbled! Big hugs y hasta pronto 💜💜💜

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      • Aw.. sweetie, you’re so welcome and thank YOU for always bringing me a feeling of warmth and love and all those yummy things.
        Your soul is immense and beautiful.
        Have a gorgeous weekend and stay in love and light always ❤️💞

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      • Speechless. Thank you for your stunning words and sentiments of sparkling shiny splendor:) Aw!! Your soul isn´t too bad, either 😛 Love, light, and cuddles omorfi 💖💖💖

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  7. It was such a pleasure to have you write for my blog dear friend. Thank you again for your beautiful words and photos, sharing your adventurous spirit and making this world that much more brighter with your presence. Luv ya cara amica. xxx 😍✨

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  8. Very cool ~ your guest post was such a good read. I like the description of you: “Her writing, zest for life and adventurous spirit is infectious and will captivate and transport you.” this so fits you, and a perfect compliment. Your photos in this piece were great, and I think if I traveled there I would never leave 🙂

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    • Dear Dalo, ah thank you so so much! Its always so inspiring to get your feedback – as you know I admire your work to the max. Yes, wonderful inspirational writer par excellence Miriam gifted me with a pretty cool compliment here, thank you Dalo:) Yep I agree with you – Esperance and the other places do entice us to stay for…quite a while:) Take care and hasta pronto! Welcome back to Europe:)


  9. Congratulations Dear Gypsy!
    Will head over now!
    Mil besos! xoxoxoxoxo

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  10. Beautiful photos💙

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  11. Your lovely nature,love of traveling,explanation about all cultureral things in most enthuastic way with your own lovely style;those all things attract to dear dost!! Much love and big hugs,my wandering cute squirrel💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💕

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