Bali adventures: Tiny turtles and a lesson in letting go

A Gypsy at Heart

It is late afternoon in Bali. World-famous Kuta beach resembles an overcrowded anthill: a messy mix of surfers, retired Australians with big bellies enjoying their Bintang beers on plastic chairs, partying youngsters and Balinese either socializing in the sand or selling all imaginable types of products. Some also offer up drinks from improvised mini beach bars as well as mobile Rasta style hair braiding services or massages.

The muggy and stifling heat of an average tropical day at the end of the dry season is finally easing up. Palm trees along the narrow beach promenade mercifully stretch out their long leaves to shelter the gathering onlookers who await the dramatic sunsets of Bali’s Southern Coast.

The Balinese Sea Turtle Initiative

In between all the hustle and bustle, a giant turtle raises its head and commands attention. It belongs to the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Center, an initiative created by…

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11 thoughts on “Bali adventures: Tiny turtles and a lesson in letting go

  1. Love your atmospheric style of writing… makes me believe I am there with you enjoying Bali.. 😊

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  2. It works… keep going please – in these Covid days getting lost in a travel narrative is almost as good as the real thing 🥰

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  3. You are again in Bali.i think-your soul is taking you there again and again.hey meri jaan!!please make your pet to know-turtles are most lucky for never kill him but decorate it in tour house.Much love and big hugs,Querida amiga💕💕💕💕💕💖💝

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