Storming through Switzerland with Jung, Rösti, and Mary Poppins

We are in the midst of a storming sea of crashing sounds, water thundering down, endless cascades of nature´s glorious fury surrounding us and giving us a taste of a might that´s usually forgotten.

Do you really wanna keep driving like this?!, I ask my travel companion slightly stressed out and pretty freaking flabbergasted. I need to ask twice, almost screaming my question the second time around, as he can barely hear me through the thick sound wall of relentless heavy raindrops that are crashing onto the roof of our tiny car. Were cars built for this type of storm at all? We can barely see the highway leading us from Baden-Baden in Germany to Basel in Switzerland in front of us anymore. I need some of that Swiss stoic demeanor now, presto/quickly! And a piece of Swiss chocolate wouldn´t be a bad idea, either.

Road ruminations, Basel bound

One hour later, and the black and heavy layers of thick, electric clouds are still weighing the atmosphere down. Which is not always a bad thing- a concentration of dense and heavy matter can beckon one to re-center, become still, and look into the depths of one´s own being/ soul again, to re-encounter yourself in a world that constantly tries to pull you away from your very own essence and truth.

Is that what I did? Probably not. Rather, I pressed my nose against the cool window-pane to my right, watching the ephemeral traces of rainy water-circles build and dissipate again, observing in awe as the storm washed over the huge ash trees which were dancing wild and carefree in the heavy winds.

The storm was still with us when we finally arrived in Basel for a late night stop-over. The rain was pouring down as if heaven was on water-fire, so we decided to seek shelter in a dimly lit, sweet little Swiss restaurant in the heart of the northwestern Swiss city.

Swiss cuisine and savory exhalations

My meal of choice was a traditional Swiss Rösti, a dish made of potatoes in the style of a fritter. Seriously good stuff, by the way! Originally conceived as a breakfast dish, it was commonly eaten by farmers in the canton of Bern, but is now enjoyed all over Switzerland and around the world. Sometimes breaks can really be the most important part of any journey, right ? Just as we cannot just breathe in all the time without breathing out, so is traveling best enjoyed with a generous dash of rejuvenating time-outs, adapted to your individual nature, preferences, and needs.

Along those lines, the hours we spent in Basel enjoying the local cuisine and meandering through its inviting streets afterwards were a much needed break after the previous five hours of storm-driving. A short yet warmly embraced out breath after the exciting hours on the road!

Crazy enough (in hindsight :P), we decided to venture on that same night. The storm had lost most of its ardent flavor, and the rain was glistening in wet and slippery ways on Basel´s broad roads.

Following Carl Gustav Jung´s thought-trains to Geneva

The next four hours gave me a taste of how Switzerland´s kinesthetic essence, of how the land of wild mountains, calm and composed people, and mind- fortresses of neutrality and containment felt in the dark. It felt dangerous, a bit nauseating and pretty darn dizzying, if you allow me to be frank with you. Quite the opposite to the picture-perfect daylight vistas of the picturesque Swiss mountains. Thinking back of these impressions, two quotes by Swiss genius and founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung spring to mind:

“I´d rather be whole than good”

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”

Jung points to wholeness as a more whole-some thing to aspire to, or rather, reconnect back to, than to try and live up to the always-out-of-reach concept of the consistently “good girl” or “good boy”, of living up to external expectations instead of connecting to our own truths. And wholeness does include our light parts, and our shadow parts – which might, ultimately, also just be disguises for more light, beckoning us to embrace all of ourselves, all of our flawed-yet-perfect humanness on our journey through life.

Oopsie, drifting of! Well, that´s what the land that marked Jung, Einstein, and Hermann Hesse, one of my favorite German-speaking writers, can do to you.

Geneva night impressions and Mary Poppins soundscapes

240 minutes of dizzying mind-roulette and dark mountain-silhouettes later, and we found ourselves in Geneva, the second-most populous city in Switzerland. The pointers of the Swiss clock at the nearby train station showed exactly 3:30 AM in the morning. The streets of central Geneva were eeriliy quiet.

Just a few dubious looking men were roaming the streets looking for solace. Or maybe something else starting with S. To sum things up, I was more than happy to reach our hostel for the night: A teeny tiny itsy-bitsy apartment on the fifth floor with a view over the rooftops of Geneva. The quaint views reminded me strongly of the chimney-sweeper-dance in beloved movie “Mary Poppins“, and so I fell into a short yet deep slumber with sounds of Chim-Chimney resounding sweetly in my mind and soul…

…Until the Swiss alarm-clock shrilled me out of my dreams in a rather strict “Common, be-a-good-grown-up-nowjust-like-the-Swiss“- manner.

We checked out of our teeny-tiny place (I knoooow, damn short stay!!) and went off to explore Geneva, known as worldwide center for diplomacy and host of the globally highest number of international organizations.

Find out why Lake Geneva seemed to have a Caribbean flavor to it, how I ended up in the middle of the French Alps with no clue as to where I was during a looong night, and which French town is a well-kept secret paradise that wows like no other in the next post 🙂

Back to you, dear reader: Have you ever been to Switzerland and if so, what were the highlights of your visit? If you haven´t been – what´s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of this country? Random answers are more than welcome, too 😉 As always, I would love to hear from you!

Healing tip: I officially declare this a healing and inspirational zone. Let´s focus on topics that feed the soul. From now on, I encourage lovely beings who wanna keep mentioning CV to reframe the very charged word into carrot cake 😛 Thank you!

Also: Check out this GORGEOUS meditation by Self-compassion guru Dr. Kristin Neff to increase self-compassion and compassion. A wonderful tool:)

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44 thoughts on “Storming through Switzerland with Jung, Rösti, and Mary Poppins

  1. We had a chance to visit Switzerland many years ago, 10 to be precise. Would love to go back one day to take in its beautiful mountain views and eat all the chocolate I can. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    • Hello Aiva , thanks so much for your visit 🙂 How wonderful that you got to check out this amazing country! Thats an awesome future goal of yours:) YESSS! Wishing you a good day too:) Blessings, Maria Elena

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  2. Hola Maria Elena,

    It sounds like you had a great time there. Even after a dreaded trip through a dangerous storm. I am grateful you and your travel companions arrived unharmed.

    Rösti. Wow what an interesting dish. Certainly something I would like to try. Never heard of it before, so it won’t be easy finding it in the States. And a stop at the chocolatier suisse would definitely be on my agenda.

    Another delight trip and post. Thank you for taking me to this far off land.
    Have a beautiful day Gypsy.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hola amigo!!!:)

      Always SO lovely to hear, well read from you. Yeah, this was an interesting trip – very intense, yet maybe even because of that so
      revealing and insightful. I really cherish your words of kindness, care, and positivity here. The power of words amigo, I know you
      know all about that querido 🙂

      Yes, Rösti is YUM! Maybe we ll have some Rösti together in Europe one day, quien sabe 🙂
      Oh yessss Swiss chocolate… so so goood. I think i ll make myself a hot cocoa later, you have
      just reminded me 😛 hehe.

      Thank you for your loyalty and ongoing friendship Drew. You are a treasure.
      Wishing you a beautiful day, too. Muchos abrazotess!!!

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  3. My sweet soul,
    I haven’t read this yet, I just skipped to the comments to say I am so happy to see a new post and I will be commenting tomorrow
    I missed you!!

    All my love ,
    Stay in love and light always

    Your Soul Friend

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ohhhh!! Love your words and message sweet soul-sister,
      missed you too. Thank you!!

      YES – lets stay in love and light always.
      Attention goes where energy flows and viceversa…

      Mil besos y hasta manana, your soul friend


  4. Thanks for the vacation from carrot cake Maria, even if it was a bit dark and dangerous. Any connection? No, I’ve never been to Geneva or anywhere in Europe or beyond North America. So reading people’s travel posts is always a mixed bag of appreciation, desire, regret, and more. Maybe part of my journey to Jung’s wholeness?

    Be well my wandering gypsy. 💃 🔮

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  5. Wow a beautiful post, Maria and Switzerland is marvelous and awesome. Such lovely photographs and a wonderful inspiring read. Thanks.

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  6. Oh, I love your healing and inspirational zone Maria!! In fact there’s no place I’d rather be. This was such an adventurous post, I felt like I was right with you on that harrowing drive to Basel. At least there was light after the storm. Rosti! How delicious. I’ve been to Switzerland but it was a long, long time ago and my main memory is being up high in the Jungfrau. 🏔
    I loved reading your musings, on wholeness, our light parts and our shadow parts. Feel free to drift away anytime!
    Well my marvellous Mary Poppins, cross lioness thank you for this wonderful interlude, which I thoroughly immersed myself in. You have a wonderful gift for storytelling and allowing us to leave the world of carrot cakes far behind us. Take good care of yourself. Big hugs and lots of kisses. xxxxx. 😍

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    • Awww Miriam my bloody awesome matey!!! Thank you soooo mucho, love your loving words here!! You know what my mate? Sometimes we just gotta draw a freaking line of love and assertiveness. So I am very pleased that you enjoy your stay in OUR healing zone. 🙂 Being high up in the Jungfrau must have been incredibly cool!! Your words really do fill me with love, gratitude, and energy. Such a GIFT. Thank you!!! I will be by soonish to read your wonderful work. I have overextended myself a little, so will rest more for a while and reduce my online time. BUT I love you and all you are and create always!! 🙂 On or offline. We ALL NEED a respite and refocus away from sugary carrot cakes and on to LOVE, PEACE; HEALING… 🙂 Look after yourself and let us connect to logic, care, and awareness always. Un million de besos xoxoxo

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      • Yes, so true, my lovely friend, we all need to rest and replenish, especially right now. At least you’re aware of it, so you can slow down, it’s so important. 🥰
        Take good care of yourself and make sure you’re doing things that nourish your soul. Turn off that constant cc chatter that seems to be corroding our world. To be informed is fine but I prefer to be inspired, as I always am when I read your words. To Love, Peace and Healing 💕 Big hugs and smooches from me to you dear friend. xxxx

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      • YES! Inspiration tops information… I so agree. Get the right stuff from official sources/ WHO etc, and ditch mainstream/ mass media as much as possible… thats MY view on it love… Thanks for your sweet words and awesome lioness spirit!! You rock!!! I am enjoying books, music, and comedies. And positive comments:) YAY! Big hugs and so much high-quality amoreee my dear amica 💕💕💕xoxo Take good care of yourself too. I know you will you rock star. xoxo

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  7. Such a wonderful post as always! The way you enjoy and get to the heart and soul of place always amazes me. Probably it’s because you allow yourself to experience it with your heart and soul. I love your quotes from Jung
    “I´d rather be whole than good”.

    It’s such a great philosophy to live by.

    Hope you are well sweet friend xoxox

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Rachel, thanks so much for saying that, that’s so sweet 🙂 Really happy to hear you enjoyed this. You are a very good observer, I do enjoy immersing myself in uplifting experiences. You are right, that quote IS a very helpful one. Yes, its important to make space for all of who we are in one healthy way or another. I am well whenever I consciously choose uplifting or healing input in this current situation… creating my own wellness in a way….thank you, hope you are well dear one! Wishing you well lovely, many blessings xoxoxo


  8. Elena mou,

    This was , first off, beautifully written. I love reading you, as though we’re sharing a coffee and a chat and some soul fragments. You write so naturally and your light shines through with every word.
    Sounds like a stormy ol’ time in Switzerland you had there but with the respite of good company, good food and obviously, chocolate!
    More to the point I want to make here, I just love your after thoughts, officially declaring your bloggy as a healing and inspirational zone. Beautiful. Makes my heart smile and this is so very you. I am trying to find light in the smallest spaces and you, and your words and our friendship are a few of the things in which I find that light
    Thank you, querida
    In whatever small way you’re making a difference

    All my love and light

    Your soul friend,

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello sweet poetess,

      thank you so much for your beautiful message, for sharing so much kindness and love, and for gifting me with this gorgeous feedback. It means so much to me that my writing touches you like this. Yep, the time spent in Switzerland was definitely wild!
      So glad you enjoyed the healing zone declaration – feel that’s just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). Yes, so important to focus on the light right now, and always. There are ALWAYS silver linings… to each and every situation, even if sometimes we can just see those in hindsight… Thank you for your friendship, it means very much to me, too. Sending warm hugs your way, hope you are well.

      Much love, warmth, and light
      y warm filakias xoxoxo


  9. Oh my Gypsy soul!! 🌷you have wandered many places in short time,now in much lucky you are.Switzerland is the heaven of earth as i heard.really that country is like heaven.if yes,wonderful.your all photos are most beautiful.and you are looking like a fairy of that heaven.bahut sara pyaar(a lot of love)Much love and Big hugs by Aruna to you,Querida amiga.💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💝💕💝💝💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💞💞💞

    Liked by 2 people

    • Amiga, thank you!!! I am in Spain now, safely in my current home base, focusing on peace, health, and LOVE. Thank you so much for your kindness and LOVE! Yes, Switzerland is a wonderful country. We live in a wonderful world. Ohhh love that you call me a fairy! So cute Lots of love. I am safe. Be well my lovely! Many blessings and love to you meri jaan. 💕💕💝💕💝💝


  10. Querida amiga!!please take your best care because of carrot cake.bless you ,my dear dost!!with love💝💕💕💝💝💝💝💝💖💞💞💞

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  11. have replied on my comment.good-yoga and meditation.much love and big hugs💖love ya.hey my dear friend!! Is Rosti non -veg.and chocolates😋 i like it very much.enjoy yaar!! Please take your best care.xxxx

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    • Thank you querida amiga, you are so sweet! So happy you enjoyed this. Thanks so much for your sweet wishes! Take good care of yourself, also. Much love meri jaan xxxx


      • I am so much happy to receive your reply,my dear friend!! Really i have enjoyed your wonderful trip.🤗🤗🤗🤗 my lovely dost!!you too,plz,take your best care.i don’t want to lost you.Arre yaar!! Most days has passed but you have not any comment.plz send it sometimes when you have time.Much love meri jaan-e-jahaan(special sweet heart in all word)xxxxx

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      • Dear friend, the situation in Spain is draining, so I do not have the levels of energy I usually have, therefore blogging takes a back seat to self care. Please, be understanding about that. Much love and big hugs


      • Oh my dear friend!! I know very well.don’t well and happy.bless you my dear!

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      • Meri jaan, thank you! Much love and blessings always xxx


      • Bahut bahut dhanyvaad,meri jaan!! Much love and my all blessing for

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  12. I’ve never been to Europe, so appreciate your views here. I imagine I would love the mountains in Switzerland. Your thoughts (and Jung’s) on wholeness inspire me to let go a little more of my ingrained “good girl” mentality. I enjoyed the colorful shutters on the gray building.

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  13. One of my BGFs immigrated from Basel. I’ve heard many stories, and eaten much chocolate from her.
    Thank you for adding your story to hers!
    So happy all turned out well on the stormy road!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Sweet Resa, thank you so much for your kind words. I bet that chocolate was extra delicious!! I hope you are well, sending much love and hugs to you, bella artista xoxox


  15. Such a lovely write up. And agree with your depictions especially Geneva where I once lived for a year. I know where your hostel is judging by the photo of the opposite building with the colourful windows which I remembered once walking through and took a photo of the same. Nice blog! I want to be whole not good too 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah that´s so cool that you used to live in Geneva, and that you took a photo of the exact same building pictured in the post:) Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback, so happy to hear you enjoyed this. Lol, yeah I am also still figuring out how the whole “being whole not good” could work in practice 😂 Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment:) Enjoy your day, fellow seeker 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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