Daring to be fully alive: Indian Ocean adventures in Coral Bay

The ocean is so clear and its waters unbelievably pristine, the turquoise sky seems to merge with your notions of awe and wonder. You feel transported to a blissful cloud, feeling incredibly alive and vibrant, yet relaxed at the same time. You are also feeling increasingly curious as to what´s about to come while strolling along Coral Bay Beach towards your destination. You love the sensation of the grains of sand cheekily tickling your toes and the warm rays of sunshine recharging you gently and lovingly.

Suddenly, something very unusual catches your attention and beckons you to step into the transparent waters. You rub your eyes incredulously, as the scenes unfolding in front of you seem to emerge right from a vision of peace. Walking closer through the refreshingly cool ocean waters, you deeply inhale the deliciously salty sea air and soon find yourself amid a swarm of huge, wild salmon!

Coral Bay Beach: Salmon sensations on sandy grounds

Their skin glistens in the sun-lights reflection, their large bodies glide elegantly through the translucent waters. Your jaw drops in awe as you become aware that there are dozens of these marvelous creatures all around you. Are you in a freaking David Attenborough-documentary? Most likely. Ok, so where IS David Attenborough then? You really want to meet him! Or was that meOops sorry, got confused. Anyways, back to that stellar salmon-meet-and-greet.

You feel the cool skin of multiple salmon against your legs while your toes slowly sink into the sand, and while you enjoy the refreshing waters gently embracing your thighs, a thought crosses your mind. Didn´t you book that ocean-kayaking-tour in for today? Yep, you most certainly did, and it was about high tide (dad-joke-pun intended) to get yourself there on time!

Venturing onto the Indian Ocean: Honoring dreams of Indiana Jones

Twenty minutes later, and it´s time to join a group of excited looking fellow explorers right on a quiet corner of Coral Bay Beach. Most importantly, there is also a marine biologist who who will be your guide on the pending journey. He emanates a certain effortless Australian surfer-cool: With his long blond wavy hair, steel-blue eyes and his welcoming and relaxed body language, he seems to have sprung straight out of a picture-book about Australia or alternatively an ad from Down Under´s tourism office. He explains the basic premises and instructions of our journey onto and into the Indian Ocean in a mellow, gentle, yet self-assured and confident tone of voice that resembles the waves he loves to immerse himself in.

Another ten minutes later, and you are all dressed up in your tight fitting black wetsuit and ready to get into the bright yellow kayak that is waiting for you on the shoreline. You feel pretty confident even though you were like five years young the last time you were in a kayak. Can´t be that hard, right? You smile to yourself while trying to paddle this kayak-thing AND hold the fancy GoPro camera at the same time that the relaxed marine biologist-dude just handed out.

Piece of cake! This seems to be working just right, you say to yourself – paddle leftpaddle rightlet´s give this Go Pro a go and try to capture this adventure, you think to yourself. Paddle on…Oh F/ Funnyions!! The kayak is suddenly resisting your boss-like ways of steering it onto the dark blue waters that are enchantingly glistening in the sun.

Indian Ocean Kayak shenanigans: Daring to dive in

The kayak does seem to get all hot and bothered with you and just decides to throw a full-blown tantrum which translates into you being thrown into the icy cold waters. Thank God for the wetsuit is your last thought before hitting the water´s surface. Eek! You let out a panic-stricken shriek as the realization hits you that – this wetsuit is pretty bloody crap. Pardon my French, ahem, Aussie English. 

Freezing cold water quickly engulfs you and makes you shiver, but you are determined to brave the amused laughter of the group and get the kayak situation sorted. With your strength of will, you manage to get yourself “back in the saddle” in a heartbeat. As the group and you paddle further out onto the Indian Ocean, the marine biologist casually informs you about the different species of sharks roaming these watery regions. Oops, you could have done your research!

You gaze towards the very relaxed looking marine biologist and assess that you are in safe and capable hands. Your own, that is! So when this Australian dreamy ocean guide encourages you to hop into the sea, you dare to just do it. You dive under the surface and take some deep breaths through your pretty pink snorkel gear (open up your possibilities guys, pink looks pretty on you, too!). Soon you start to feel bloody cold mate, but you also start loving that feeling of profound stillness all around you. It´s all so very deep, calm, and peaceful. Like a church visit with no one else around, or a solitary walk under a star-lit night sky. 

Indian Ocean: Under the sea, it´s bloody better, down where it´s wetter, take it from me

Swarms of colorful fish pass you by, generously accepting you as a visitor in their coral home. Suddenly, a giant brownish colored fish, really basically the size of a smart car, appears in your field of vision. Your jaw wants to drop, but you, fortunately, remember that you are right in the middle of the Indian OceanOk, a little icy seawater gets into your mouth. Ah well, nobody´s perfect. Back to that enormous fish – it still hangs out in your vicinity for a while, its skin glistening fascinatingly in different hues of brown and grey and shining a bit of sparkly light into the dark blue ocean waters. 

What a sight to behold! Through your underwater-goggles, you keep taking in every last detail of that deep-blue-water-bliss-experience, until the marine biologist signals that there are gummy sharks nearby. Do you swim closer? A little! Do you get to see the shark? Yes, you do. And you still have all your limbs! Definite win-win. Also, is it a Jaws- type- shark? No! Those Jaws-type- sharks are, for the most part, mere figments of your imagination. Sharkys do deserve our respect, and they can be very sweet and gentle. Don´t believe the narrator of this story? Please check out this video and prepare to be dazzled!

Coral Bay does have even more amazingness in-store, by the way. Just have a look at THAT scenery. I took these pictures for my former Yoga business by the way… no I don´t go everywhere Yoga-posing 😛 Would be a bit annoying right? 😛

Back to you, dear reader:

Have you ever had a memorable underwater-adventure of your own? Feel free to answer in the comment section – I would love to hear from you! Stay wild, well, and curious my friends!

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52 thoughts on “Daring to be fully alive: Indian Ocean adventures in Coral Bay

  1. A beautiful post of truest YOU and positive joy and adventure. Swept me away
    Your writing shines and your heart , even brighter!
    I’m somewhat back, querida
    Would love to see you around if you want
    All my hugs and filakia

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awww FIERY you enchantress of passionate words!
      Somewhat back is good, am also somewhat here at the moment lol.
      Thanks so much for gracing me/us with your loving presence,
      so happy you enjoyed this!! 🙂
      Yes, I will be by your page to take in your beautiful art soon!
      Big warm hugs y filakia xoxo 💕💕
      Happy you are sharing your art again!!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • So happy to be connecting with you. Truly .
        A mutual friend pep-talked me into coming back and living in love and poetry and for me…therapy !
        I love that you call it art..sigh. Thank you
        No one quite like you, honey.
        And a somewhat here You is plenty for me
        The biggest hugs

        Liked by 2 people

      • Mmh…I think I might know who you are talking about hehehe. Glad he/she 😉 did! Yes, poetry and art are good medicine. Yes, its YOUR art. Shine my sweet friend! And thanks for saying “A somewhat here You is plenty for me”. Love that!!!! Same! Muchos abrazos precious 💕💕💕

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      • Lol and smiling !

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  2. Oh my, Amiga. You look like you had so much fun. This adventure was bursting with energy and smiles. Not sure how I would feel having fish swimming around me. It would take a little getting used to, but I would love to give it a try.
    Thank you for sharing those under water photos. They look absolutely amazing.
    That adventure is one that everyone should ecxperience.
    Mucho love besos and brazos.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Amigo! Gracias por tu visita!! Love having you here always!! Mi casa online es tu casa jaja. Yes, I encourage you to give it a go! Snorkeling is too cool for school (know people don´t talk like that anymore maybe, pero me da igual :P) Thank YOU for your kindness, beautiful words and amistad across the oceans! Me nutres el alma con tu amistad:) Much love and hope you are getting pampered xoxo

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  3. Bloody good story and adventure mate! 🙂 You sure have been to many beautiful places Maria.

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  4. Whenever I read your posts, I feel the excitement of your adventure in my own heart. It’s like being there beside you in those glistening, cool waters, staring at those fish… you bring your stories to life!! Xoxox

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rachel, thanks so much for your gorgeous comment and for traveling with me! So happy to hear that you felt this way, that is the best gift!! We must have almost commented on the same time on each other´s posts. You are a freaking extra-talented poetess my friend! Thanks, lovely!! xoxoxo

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  5. Ciao Maria, I loved every sea faring glorious word of this post, you mermaid you. Gotta say that me and kayaks ain’t a good mix. I’m pretty uncoordinated. And I remember falling out of a raft whilst white water rafting in Austria when I was younger and, even though I was yanked out Straught away and was wearing a wetsuit it was bloody freezing!
    Loved your adventures here. Isn’t snorkelling the best … when you get your nerves under control. I snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef years ago and nearly wet my pants when a huge Potato Cod brushed my leg. 🐳🐋 It’s like another world.
    Loved your salmon pictures, your descriptions they made me laugh out loud and all your gorgeous yoga pics. I would’ve loved to be in your class!
    Yet another wonderful, gorgeously written post that transported me to the other side of Oz. Thank you. I love your writing. Big hugs and mucho love from me to you my enchanting lioness come mermaid. xx 💖🧜‍♀️😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ciao bellisimaaa! Awww how can anyone be so sweet? Your comments and posts honestly uplift me every single time, what a warm and shining writer-light and powerful lioness you are amica!! Thank you so much lovely! Thanks also for sharing your experiences with us – love how much you embrace your inner daredevil amica!!! Living life to the max. So amazing that you got to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef and “ran/swam” into a Potato Cod! Gotta check those out now, you´ve made me curious:) Awww would have LOVED to have you in my Yoga class gorgeous! Might offer an online Yoga course in the futue…will let you know 🙂 Love that you love my writing! I love yours too! Big big hugs my spectacular lioness-friend, molto amore sempre 💖💖xxx😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey gorgeous, the time has flown. I read your lovely comment then went away for the weekend and never got a chance to reply. But you know I’m always with you in spirit. Love hearing from you and hope that all’s well in your world. Look after yourself and don’t work too hard okay. Remember, work life balance my yoga loving lioness mermaid friend! 😁💕 Big hugs and muchos hugs from me ❤️ to you. xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hola my beautiful friend, thanks so much for your sweet comment and care! No worries with me at all with later replies please – you and me and I guess most people get inundated with information and requests etc nowadays… So please know its relaxed here with me 🙂 Love that you said you are with me in spirit!! Same cara!! And yes, thanks for reminding me of the balance thing – always learning!! Much love and big hugs gorgeous ❤️💕 xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s relaxed here with me too lovely. So good to know we’re on the same page, always. Big hugs cara xx ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • Queridisima, yes, I agree!! Anam cara ❤️ Sending love and hugs e tanti baci. A molto prestooo gorgeous!! (Btw Rome is one of my favorite cities ever – who could ever resist THAT much beauty?!So cool you are part Italian!!) ❤️ xxx

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  6. So much beautiful description about coral bay and many type of fishes.i love Coral Bay specially.so much enchanting moments there as you are seeing most happy.hey dear dost !!who is that guy?BF.i thought firstly but that guy may be a biologist.plz take your best care.not go far in the ocean.i fear from sharks very much.it is most dengerous, my dear!! I like and love your enthusiasm’s energy.your all images so much beautiful,specially you are standing alone like rainbow.wonderful.hey,Querida amiga!!please send a piece of coral to Andrew.it is most lucky for name of Aries.enjoy my dear dost!!every moment of your life and try to make happy by your wonderful trips.Muchas love and big hugs,yaar!!💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝you are a wonderful and blessed gift for world given by God.bless you my dear🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😇😘

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Amiga, you are so cute! Love all your writing and your refreshing honesty from the heart!! You have the ability to touch people´s hearts deeply, its so beautiful! So happy to hear you enjoyed this so much :)) The guy on the photo is a relative, meri jaan. I already did go into the ocean, and it was very peaceful and beautiful! I think Sharks need to be more afraid of humans, than viceversa… Thanks for all your wonderful words of kindness and love… lights me up!! Love how much you care for Drew:) I feel your kindness, thank you! You are a wonderful and blessed gift by God!! Blessings and SO much love mere dost!!! Your warmth and devotion is amazing, feel humbled! 💖💖💖💖


    • Oh.my dear dost!! Your comment is here.i am thinking that you have forgotten me.you are most kind hearted .love your comment.much love and big hugs.enjoy with your Sharks😛😛😛😛😛really i fear from that huge guy hidden in Indian ocean and Pacific ocean.your post is enjoying my heart☺ much love ,yaar!!💞💞💞💞💞💞💝

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  8. Querida amiga!!your all photos inside of ocean are amazing.💖💖💞💖💖💖

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  9. looks like you had a great time and full of positivity and fun. 🙂

    Bless you my friend. 🙂

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  10. NO! I would not go snorkelling in the Indian Ocean. Anyway, you have done it for me. Your description of the experience is perfect for this girl from the prairies of Canada. LOL! We have lakes that are so big you can’t see the other side, yet the lake floor undulates, so you can be in the middle of the lake and stand on a sand bar. Of course I wouldn’t try that either.
    I must say, my fave part is the salmon. I would love to experience that! I adore salmon, and would never eat one. I had a special bonding and life experience with a wild salmon leaping upstream to spawn. It was many years ago, but Sammy remains a part of why I am a dedicated vegetarian.
    GREAT post Gypsy Maria Elena! xoxoxoxo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Resa, thanks for your gorgeous comment! The more I hear ahem read you talking ahem writing about the Canadian prairies, the more I want to see them for myself! Those lakes sound incredible!! So you swim to the midde of the lake and then stand there, or how does it work? Future adventures are already unraveling in my mind lol. LOVE you sharing a bit about your salmon experience!! That sounds so special!! I adore that you named the salmon Sammy, that is so cute!! Awesome story my friend, thank you!!! Always so stoked to have you visiting. Much love y muchos besos lovely Resa! xoxoxoxo ❤❤❤


  11. Babe, can I just say say that you are an amazing writer. I read this again and I thought, I need to tell her this more often. you really are
    so genuine and engaging and so beautifully articulate and hilarious! Really. I mean it. you have a talent, my love
    And the mention of 🎶Under the sea…🎶 Ha! Omg…The Little mermaid! My innocent childhood! LOl you took me back !
    All the love

    Liked by 1 person

  12. You description of the ocean: “….deep, calm, and peaceful. Like a church visit with no one else around, or a solitary walk under a star-lit night sky.,,,” reminded me of my brief scuba diving adventures many years ago in the Atlantic Ocean. I loved the quiet and feeling gently held by the water, even with the barracuda swimming nearby, I felt serenely euphoric. I must do this again someday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh dear Joanna, thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous memory with us!! Oh yes, that sounds like a wonderful thing to do again!! In fact, snorkeling and being in the peace and quiet of the underwater-world is one thing I plan on doing as well again as soon as possible:) The blessings of nature…:)

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Pingback: Einmal Abenteuer und zurück | A Gypsy at Heart

  14. Wonderful report of your trip. You clearly enjoyed it. The photographs do the underwater world justice and I love that you showed off your eagle pose on the beach. A great place to practise yoga.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Amanda, thanks so much, I am so glad you had fun reading it! Yoga practice on the beach or in nature is a great thing to get away from it all, I find. Big hugs to you!!!


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