Surprise time

Dear readers,

for the ones of us living in the Northern Hemisphere,´tis the time of year to snuggle up with a warm cozy blanket on the couch, your favorite steaming hot tea in a cup and a good read. Or…

…a good story being narrated from me to you, over oceans and deserts, mountains and forests, and through time and space! Sometimes it´s nice to rest our eyes and just listen for a while…

That´s why I´ve come up with some podcasts/ audiostories for you. For now, they will basically be audio-versions of my posts, so please find the links to the last two Baden-Baden-post-podcasts below.

There is also a podcast on “A monkey kind of day in Gibraltar” , an adventurous day spent between canons and free-ranging naughty monkeys on a giant rock. I will publish new podcasts on a weekly basis from now on, and continue to publish new travel-posts bimonthly.

Also, for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere/ any countries where it´s warm now: Please substitute blanket, couch and tea with bathers, grass-or sandpatch and watermelon-juice, and feel free to listen to the podcasts while jogging at the beach, Baywatch-style. Or while enjoying a leisurely picnic. Or while chilling out in a cafe.

No matter where you are, though – I wish you a fabulous, cozy and relaxing weekend with many positive impressions! Another exciting travel story will be out in the following week:) Thanks for your readership and loyalty, I really appreciate every single one of you and your time very much!

Here are….drum roll… the links to the podcasts:

Visting Baden-Baden: A dreamy blast from the past

Baden-Baden part 2: Relax and relish like royalty

A monkey kind of day in Gibraltar

Back to you, dear reader and hopefully-soon-listener: Do you enjoy listening to audio books or podcasts? Do you have any favorite ones to recommend or share with us? Do you have any suggestions or input for my future podcasts? As always, I´d love to hear from you!

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41 thoughts on “Surprise time

  1. Southern Africa here… Cold, wet, rainy,… God ha been busy with the cleansing rain and taking photographs with his lightning flash. Just had a crazy thought, you think he does selfies?! 😊
    I look forward to listening to you peacefully… right now, have to begin my day, the wash and chores await. 🙈🤗

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    • Kavitha, what a stunning image you have created with your words here…sounds like indeed some divine selfies took place if you ask lil old me 😎 Thanks so much for your sweet message and no worries, the audio-stories will be there for whenever it suits you lovely! Big hugs to gorgeous South Africa 🤗


  2. Ahh Maria Elena, what an absolutely delightful surprise. I actually read your post this morning and only now have the chance to reply. In the meantime I’ve had a chance to listen to all three of your podcasts and what a treat. It’s so nice to close our eyes and be read to, kind of like a childhood indulgence. From Melbourne downunder to the monkeys of Gibraltar!
    You managed to magically transport me into your world, through your words and narrative, and I loved all of your adventures. A fabulous idea. Thank you lovely and I look forward to coming along on more of your journeys. Hope you’re well and having a fabulous weekend. xx 😍

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    • Lovely Miriam, you are the bloody sweetest 😎 Thank you so much for this encouraging and kind feedback, it totally made my day! So excited you enjoyed this new venture. You totally got me there: Childhood indulgence memories was exactly what I was going for. I could never get enough of those stories being told when little, and I loved telling other children stories myself ever since I was tiny. So happy it resonated with you! Can´t wait to have you with me again on the next journeys, and can´t wait to come along to more of your fabulous adventures as well!! Wishing you a fantastic start to your week and again thanks so much for all your enthusiasm and kindness 🙂 xx 😍

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      • You’re very welcome my lovely friend, you really did transport me. Look forward to you taking me away again on your next lot of adventures. Big hugs and much love from me here on a windy Melbourne Tuesday. xx 🥰

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      • Aw you are so kind. So happy to hear that, lovely:) Just you mentioning Melbourne makes me think of St. Kilda, Flinders Street and so many more beautiful places that are etched into my heart from my two visits there. Who knows, we might manage to have a cuppa at one of Melbournes fabulous cafes together sometime in the future 🙂 Big hugs and much love right back to you over there, wishing you a week full of blessings xxx 🥰

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      • Thanks Maria, you too my friend. Stay well and happy. xx 😍

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  3. Congratulations on your new venture into podcasts! I hope you enjoy doing them as much as you do writing. :-)!

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    • Thank you very much, Shelley, yeah it´s really fun:) Much appreciated!

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      • You’re welcome – when it’s fun, it’s meant to be!

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      • Thanks Shelley, I love that! When it´s fun, its meant to be…definitely agree, joy and fun are good soul-messengers, letting us know we´re onto something! xxx

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      • You’re welcome. I hope you’re having fun with the responses to your Podcast! I’ll be curious to hear how you balance all the different efforts. Some people are good at doing all at one time – blogging, podcasts, Instagram, Twitter – oh, my, it makes my head spin!

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      • Thanks, Shelley, yes it´s been good. Great question you ask here! It can definitely be or get overwhelming with all those social media channels out there. I used to have two small businesses (language teaching and Wellness/Yoga teaching) while in Australia and did all my marketing, which gave me some experience with Facebook/ Twitter/ Insta and LinkedIn. At the moment, I am mostly leaving those out. Still, I am always learning as I go, and need to learn a lot about time management and prioritizing to keep this venture fun and challenging for myself in a good way, without it becoming overwhelming. How do you manage your time regarding your blogging? Any tricks up your sleeve :)? xxx

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      • Yes, indeed, it can be overwhelming. You’re right on target making sure to find balance. The moment it becomes ‘unfun’ is when it’s time to re-evaluate. I start first with FUN factor – if that’s not there, I’m doing something wrong. #2 – I set a time limit, and I don’t go over it. But…I’m only a part-time blogger, I can’t imagine how the full-timers do it!! xxxxxx

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      • Love that – “the moment it becomes unfun it´s time to re-evaluate.” Yes to that, and to staying tuned into oneself sufficiently to notice when that point is reached! Good on you for sticking to the time limit! That´s something I am working on. I really enjoy this work and then it can get tricky with saying “off to do the washing I go” lol. Thanks for sharing your insights Shelley!! Have a great day over there in Wisconsin xxxxx

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      • I’m touched by your appreciation of my thoughts. It is hard to find a balance and so easy to lose track of time. In fact, the laundry that I started on Monday still needs to be refluffed and folded and put away. 😉 Some tasks are a world-wide no matter where you live necessity to get done in life, eh? xxxxx

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      • You are so right – it is very easy to lose track of time nowadays, there are so many distractions everywhere and it´s so important to remember to stay present and mindful whenever possible. Doing laundry might be a good activity to try this on next time, lol 🙂 Yes, these type of tasks are a world-wide matter indeed and connect us people from such diverse cultural backgrounds – and they bring good grounding, too! Always appreciate your thoughts and presence here, dear Shelley. Enjoy your weekend xxxx

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      • I agree!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xxxxx

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  4. In your age,everytime is Surprise time-mere yaar!!beautiful written about northern much lovely wind like chilling the skin.please take your best care.Buenos nochec(Shubratri)with big hugs and much love,my dear dost🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖

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    • Mere mitra, dhanyavad for you sweet comment! Haha maybe you are right about the age thing, but I hope to remain forever enthusiastic 🙂 There are just too many fabulous things to learn and experience in life. Thanks for your wonderful sweetness and caring heart, its just fantastic mere dost and I never take it for granted. Shubratri with big hugs and much love back to you querida 🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖


      • I am so much enthusiastic still now may be i am elder than you.buon dia,my dear dost!!🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖💖

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      • Haan, that´s fantastico! Wonderful to hear, and I can also always see if by the enthusiastic and life-affirming way you write! Hugs and love 🤗🤗💖💖


      • Arye yaar!! If we feel ourselves young in all.stages of life,thd heart can be never old.i feel myself as i am sixteenth years😊😊😊😁😁😊and bless to my dear yaar for everlasting fragrant flower🤗🤗🤗🤗Hugs and love,meri pyaari dost(मेरी प्यारी दोस्त)(my lovely friend)🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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      • Namaste dear dost, so beautifully put, and I agree “if we feel ourselves young in all stages of life, the heart can never be old” 🙂 Hugs and love back meri pyaari dost


  5. Babe I’ve just seen this! Wasn’t in my feed!

    So sorry for being here sooner!
    Okay but. ..its almost signing off time for me, so tomorrow I will be hete with my cuppa and St back to . listen to you, gorgeous. Can’t wait!
    Love this whole idea of yours!

    Much much much much love, sweetie


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    • No worries mate (lol am still in my Aussie-vibe from replying to Miriam), happy to have you here whenever it’s good for you, lovely!! Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement!! Don´t know what happened with the feed there, maybe one of WP hiccups. Never mind, that’s life:) Big hug and much love over to you gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥ (PS I still had your song in my head for two days after listening to it 🙂

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      • Ha! Seriously? I love that! I’m in your ears though so far away! Sigh♥

        I’ll be back with the glorious praise you deserve

        All the smooches. Xxxxxxx

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  6. Damn. ..The typos in this comment!
    Ahem….I meant
    Sorry for NOT being here sooner

    And I will be HERE and will SIT and listen! 🤣

    Much better! x

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  7. LOVED IT!
    You sound so sweet and playful and warm, and truly brought the words to life!

    I’m fully charmed to fullest full.

    Will be listening and enjoying more and more of you!


    (kisses. In Greek! )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Efcaristo, thanks so much my gorgeous greek friend (am assuming you are Greek? Or Britsh-Greek? Journalistic curiosity strikes again lol) So glad you enjoyed my little audio-shenanigans!:) Very happy about your superlovely feedback, yay! And loved learning a new word from your culture!! Filakia hasta pronto (talk soon) ♡

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      • Lol! You talking Greek to me is so cool!
        I’m Greek Cypriot. …curiosity calmed a little? ??♡

        I DID love your shenanigans. I am a fan of all manner of shenanigans in general, baby so we’re good!

        All the love.
        Filákia pollá (many. Hey another word!)

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      • Efcharisto, yes absolutely! Thank you for letting me know:) Not been to Cyprus yet, but heard lots of great things about its beauty!
        Much love back to ya, and filakia polla (you do not want to know what the latter means in Spanish lol lol- look it up maybe, you will have a laugh!) 😂 Besotes xxx

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      • HAHA HAHA!

        Good grief. ..

        That DID make me laugh! Damn! There are other words that also mean hilarious things when you switcheroo them from Spanish to Greek. Maybe our ancestors were messing with us!?

        I pride myself in my very random knowledge of Spanish. ..I ADORE Spanish/Latino music, always have. I posted a Spanish song actually. ..If I find the link I’ll send it to you . But that’s a new one! Ah…many lols

        You’d love Cyprus. It will speak to the Mediterranean in you, babe. Truly

        Thank you for the massive chuckle this morning!
        Mwah mwah mwah

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      • Haha, yeah that was pretty freaking funny indeed! I can almost see our ancestors cheekily plotting their language-mix-up-shenanigans once upon a time, thinking “muahaaha, we will confuse the heck out of them” (evil-cheeky-grin-expression on goodlooking Greek and sassy Spanish ancestors faces 😂).

        Awesome, yes, do send me the link if it turns up, always efcharisto for music input and friendly filakias (in the latter case, no polla attached please 😂😂).

        Am sure Cyprus is stunning! And Greece, also. Just been there once so far but it was gorgeous.

        Besitos y musica de Ricky Martin/ Gloria Estefan/ Marc Anthony/ y muchos mas lol


  8. this monkey of a tail
    had me spinning
    all the way
    to Gibraltar 🙂

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