Peel-Region: Hanging out with Australian wildlife

Australia is a destination without equal in a lot of aspects. 10.685 beaches? Check. World class-cuisine in an array of cutting-edge coastal cities? Check. Landscapes and vegetation that ranges from the tropical rain forests of Northern Queensland to the immensely vast red outback deserts of the interior? Check. 

If there is one thing, however, that sprang to my mind before visiting Australia for the first time back in 2011, it was its unrivaled array of quirky wildlife. Once I told my European friends that I would move Down under, there was a unison:” But what about the animals there? Isn´t it dangerous??” Well, theoretically, yes. But practically and with a tiny bit of common sense, no.

Animal encounters in Western Australia: From kinda dangerous to cuddly

Yes, there was a deadly red-back-spider in the shed of my former home South of Perth, as my partner nonchalantly pointed out when I stepped inside with no shoes. And yes, there were a few shark-related incidents on Western Australian beaches. But for the most part, the animals in Australia are to die for, not to die from. 

Need some proof here? Alright, I´ll take you to a very special place in Pinjarra, to a small animal sanctuary otherwise known as Peel Zoo. Sounds good? 

The unique thing about this place is that you get a possibility to really get up close and personal with the resident cuties here, and not in that “Come really close“-PR-kinda way, where you are still fifty meters away from the action.  Buy some feed and venture into a part of the sanctuary where you can encounter endearing alpacas, deer, and curious chickens.

Peel zoo highlights: Soft snake skins and persistent parrot-pirate dreams

You can also hang out with some kangaroos, feed an emu, assist a snake expert talk and demonstration and hold a snake yourself, or spend time in the amazing walk-through-aviary. I tried my luck at holding a snake and honestly, I loved it! I assumed somehow the snake´s skin would feel cold and slippery, but instead, it felt quite warm and almost lovely to the touch. Of course, I was still a little unsure when holding a snake for the first time. But with all the messages we get around these reptiles in the media, that was to be expected…So if you visit, do give this experience a go, it might just completely change your attitude towards this beautiful animal!

If snake holding is not your thing, but you´ve somehow always secretly dreamed of being a pirate, you´ll have the chance to make this phantasy, at least partly, come true. How on earth, you may ask? Well, when wandering through the Peel Zoo aviary, it might just happen that a cheeky parrot spontaneously decides to hang out on your shoulder for a while. Take that, Captain Sparrow! 

All in all, you´ll come away from your hours spent at this sanctuary in the Peel region, an hour South of Perth, with a warm and fuzzy feeling and with some new-found friends from the Australian animal kingdom. 

Back to you, dear reader: Have you ever interacted with Aussie wildlife before? If so, where and how did your experience go? Would love to hear from you. 

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27 thoughts on “Peel-Region: Hanging out with Australian wildlife

  1. Gorgeous photos. This was a pleasure to read. Makes me want to go there.

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  2. Most beautiful Australia and cute are most lucky to see know that before almost 1700 A.D.-nobody knew about this country.enjoy my courageous gypsy soul.I am waking with you as i feel.much love and big hugs,my yaar!!💕💕💕💕

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    • Meri jaan thanks so much for your sweet comment, yes Australia is an absolutely incredible place! I love it very much. Thanks for sharing lovely! Yes, its fascinating that Australia got explored so relatively late by European adventurers. But the Aboriginal Australians already settled Down Under like around 75000 years ago or so…fascinating. Much love meri jaan! Always happy and grateful when you visit 💕💕💕


      • Yeah.meri dost!!as you told about Australia,all facts are right.oh so much far distance from here.I see all places by your eyes and feel the amazing things as you it not enough for me?😘😘😘 meri jaan ho (are)tum(you),so i am able to see and feel by your soul.Big hugs and Muchas love.Shubhratri/Buonas noches,Qurerida amiga💕💕💕💕💕xxxx

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      • Meri jaan, bahut bahut dhanywaad! Thanks so much for all your support and enthusiasm. I am happy that you can travel with me in heart and mind! Much love and hugs amiga 💕💕💕 xxx


      • Hey my dear dost!! Do you not feel -I am walking with you😘😘😘😘it is issue depending on the soul. I know that you have a big friend circle for talking,walking,gosship,sharing each other experiences but it is sure ,whenever you are on blog or alone that time you thought about me🤗☺much love and big hugs my dear dost!!you are always in my mind and thought with love.Today is fast of me because here is celebrated a fastival”Til Chuoth”.this fast is for safety of our children and husband.every year this festival held in fourth day after full moon night according of Indian calender”Vikram Samvat”, at beginning of New Year. I take my dinner after seeing moon almost do you feel about our this festive day?I told you for your more information of Indian Festival.tomorrow is “Lohiri” and next day of tomorrow is Makar Sakranti(Kite day).that day Mostly Indians are playing with kite and flying all kites in sky.uff.yeah,India is the country of festivals,meri jaan!! 💕💕💕We are enjoying all days mostly in a year. 💖love and hugs Qureida amiga.xxxx

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      • Querida amiga, yes, I do feel that! Thank you 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful friendship-love, care, and loyalty! 💖 I think of you often as well. Bahut bahut dhanywaad also for sharing all this fascinating information about your festivals, it´s so interesting!! .Is the Indian calender still from the Vedic times? I love that you have all these colorful celebrations!! That Kite day sounds so fun!!! India is so alluring to me… amazing. Enjoy your celebrations, meri pyaari dost – mucho amor siempre (always) and hugs! xxx💖💖💖💖


      • After the vedic time,a king Vikramadiya of Ujjain Empire had begun a new calender by name “Vikarm Samvat”.our all religious festival happens according this samvat( calender).glad to know your interesting of learning every new things of all fields of different countries.☺ now i am going to sleep after taking my dinner.much love and big hugs.Shubhraatri/Bouenas noches,Querida amiga💝💝💝💖xxxx

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      • Mere yaar, thanks for sharing! That´s all very interesting – bahut bahut dhanywaad for all your fascinating sharing about Indian culture and history!😇🙏 Hope you are having wonderful celebrations. Shubraatri y buenas noches querida dost 💝💝💖 xxxx


      • yaar!! I am really enjoy the all i am going to sleep cause of feeling tiredness.come in my dreams then we both talks on many things❤.if you are here,it is sure.,that you are most enjoying the festive like a crazy girl.🤗Much love and Big Hugs,Querida amiga.Shubhraatri and buonas noches ,my dear dost!!💕💕💝💝💝

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      • Wonderful meri jaan! Yes, I am sure I´d have a great time with you!! Much love and hugs, que descanses/ rest well dear dost 💕💕💝


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